Multitasking or Procrastination?

I realized the other day while I was trying to write a blog post, read an article, and clean up my space while looking for some notes, that one of my biggest challenges is staying focused on one thing until its done.

I do the same thing when I'm making jewelry.  I have a piece I need to finish, and then I see something out the corner of my eye grab it and then start a new piece of jewelry, while planning how I could create a new collection.

I know this is sometimes referred to a multitasking, but more likely in my case it's procrastination.  I am working on this and have found that if I create a plan and set time limits that I do better at getting things done.

Do you find yourself working on several things at the same time?  Do you consider it multitasking or procrastination?

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  1. I find my self working on many things at the same time. I, too find myself looking out of the corner of my eye and get inspired to start something new. Come to realize that this is the artist in us. I fight it some time, but mostly go with it.

  2. I have days like this. But I think of it as lack of focus. Doing lots but not getting anything done. I hate that feeling!

  3. It happens to me too. Unless I only take out the materials for one item to work on, like if I have a custom order.

    It's the same thing online, I'm on this one page and I click on an ad and suddenly I'm off into this whole other place.

  4. I do the same thing, but I think it's a good thing. More like multitasking. When I get in creative mode, I keep getting ideas, and I'm the type of person that kind of obsesses about something until its finished. At the same time, I get bored if I only have one thing to do. I don't function as well when I'm not multitasking.

    PS Hope you're feeling better!

  5. definitely multi tasking! in the end it all gets done, umm mostly, yes usually....

  6. If you complete all tasks in a timely manner, it is multi-tasking. If you don't get anything done, it's procrastination. The results or lack thereof is the defining point.

  7. I do this often, though what usually catches me up is having one project that I need to do with a certain combination of fabric, so I cut a couple other project put of that fabric and end up with five or 10 projects I'm working on at once instead of focusing on the one that really needs to get done! They all get done eventually, but alas, I just wish I could focus! Thanks for raising this topic!

  8. Ek...that's totally how I work too. I'm especially bad on the computer. I.E. reading blogs will remind me that I have to do this thing on fb, and then I'll see something there and hop off somewhere else. It seems like sometimes I end up with so many tabs and windows open that it's just too much!

  9. I've made the mistake of moving my jewelry workstation into my computer room/office where I routinely get sucked into Facebook or someone's blog. That usually reminds me of all the *marketing* stuff I need to do that I'm not and I never get the jewelry finished! Or I'll leave a bag on my design table for weeks because I've had to go deal with the kids and while I'm dealing with that and totally get sidetracked :)


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