Winter Warm Up Accessories

Stay warm this season with these wonderful handcrafted accessories from Etsy.  Each of these artists have a variety of cool items in their shop, stop by and check them out.

Purple Extra Long Fingerless Gloves Recycled Vegan by xmittens

Cotton Jersey Scarf Hand Dyed in Raspberry by rainbowrevolution

Cardinal Red Flatcap by ursulasalcove

Long Ring Creamy Scarf by acmedina

Hand Knitted sock women Medium size green by JohnlozDesign

Falling Leaves Triangle Scarf by barefootweaver
What is your favorite warm and cozy thing to wear?

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  1. Great winter goodies! I'm all about scarves and gloves in the winter and will not step outside without either!!! They are a fun way to add color to a dreary winter day. ~Val

  2. Lovely finds!
    Love the green socks!!!

  3. They all look so warm, she said as it's snowing outside.

    My favorite warm/cozy thing is my fleece pj pants while curling up between a few microfiber blankets :)

  4. I love this colorful winter accessories! This would surely warm our spirit in this cold winter season. I love wearing pajamas too and cuddling my big pillow to keep me warm.

  5. Love the long ring creamy scarf! Thanks for sharing these handmade beauties.



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