Renewal: A Starting Point

Welcome guest blogger Cedar, as she shares her thoughts on renewal.  Cedar decided during Thanksgiving 2009 that the heaviness of grief was unwelcome. After reading about the seven phases of grief she said, Instead I’ll renew. Not knowing what she meant, she began a spiritual journey of an emotional nature that has pointed to passion.

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Renew to enliven yourself.

It influences your life and others’ with your glow rather than unhappiness, or anything else that has miscast you.

"Live spherically...in many directions," from Under the Tuscan Sun.

It means to me to live from a source of awareness, passion and fullness that flows outward to many directions.

I see it another way for my renewal. I’m reading Deepak Chopra’s Path to Love, and he suggests as he talks about ways to see the love inside you, a journal entry with the words, “love is meant to renew,” (p. 17).

I suggest a romantic adorning of an empty space on a quiet, overlooked wall to bring out something abundantly you inside. Make this an expression of your soul’s longing to renew.


Bio - Cedar has an MFA in nonfiction writing. She enjoys the movement of creek water rushing over rocks that are rising through its glassy surface. She lives in Boulder, Colorado.

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