Who is your Inner Critic?

You know that little voice in your head that tell you that's not good enough, or it's the wrong color, or any number of self critical statements, that is your inner critic. 

I know my inner critic all to well.  I create several pieces each week and their are always pieces I don't use because of that little voice in my head.

A couple of weeks ago a lot of people shared what they would name their creative side in the comments section of the post What would you Name Your Creative Side? It was an insightful into each persons creative process.

Today it's time to give your inner critic a name.  That inner critic plays a big role in our creative life, and giving it a name helps you get to know it better and the better you know your inner critic the easier it is to send it away.

It may require some thought but if you have a name in mind please share it in the comments.

I will share mine later today.
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  1. Gertrude, Gertie when she's being quiet

  2. My critic's name is George.

    It's a name my sister came up with for me. When I start talking about not liking something or getting down on my self my sister always says "OK George".


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