What Would you Name Your Creative Side?

When we create we get in a zone, and we are all about the process.

I know when I create I am thinking of all the different steps I have to do, and how I could take this idea in a new direction. I don't think about whats going on around me or what I have to do later, I just focus on the act of creating. Sometime it's like I'm another person outside of my regular life. 

What if you could give the creative side of yourself a name?  What would your be?

Think of a name that best works with your creative side.  It can be a combination of words that sound good together, it could have a personal meaning, be the name of someone you admire, or one that projects a certain image to the world.

This may require some thought, but if you have a name in mind share it with everyone in the comments.

I will share the name I came up for myself at the end of the day.

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  1. Interesting...I never thought to name my creating self....though I talk to myself all the time, so probably should have a name for the self I talk to, right? I guess it should be Raige, as the word rage sometime fits in the negative (when I make mistakes or something doesn't go right) and the positive (meaning the fad, all the rage...). Raige is my other self, as I am called on fourms and some other online venues. Rebecca is me the rest of the time, and Beck to my closest friends and family. Oh so many names! Can't wait to hear yours.

  2. I look at my creative side as an aspect of a divine force, mainly because when I'm in that zone, when things just seem to work (and even when they aren't going smoothly) there's a feeling of otherness involved. If I were to give it a name it would have to be and this is very frou frou and fluffly puffy:

  3. I guess it would be fiber - because this one medium really dominates my creative process. Like that idea!

  4. wow cool question. mine would have to be eclective. which is a combo of creative & eclectic. i feel i'm very creative & very eclectic in which ways my creative side expresses itself.

  5. What a neat idea! I think I would name my creative side Robin because I seem to incorporate robin's egg blue into most of my work. The color soothes me and makes me happy. :)

    It was nice to hear what you guys chose to name your creative side!

  6. This was hard for me to come up with a name. I came up with the name Sparkle, because when I create my ideas are like sparks that just keep popping.

  7. Interesting thoughts... When I was choosing my nick the first thing that came to my mind was brisk. Because it seems to be theme in everything I do, especially when creating something new ;) So definitely I would say the word is Brisk!
    I am now your follower:

  8. I also call it sparkle. Like sparkling lemonade or something in my whole self.


Your thoughts and ideas are an important part of the conversation, thanks for sharing!