Journal Prompt - Get it Done

During the busy season it's easy to try to do several things at once. Multitasking is great, but if things are falling through the cracks then it's time for a new plan.

Use your journal to create a list of everything you want to get done before the year is over.  Don't sensor your list, just put down everything.

Take a few minutes to go through your list and pick out the top three items that you need to get done the most.  I know it can be hard to pick out the top three, but focus on your most important items first.

Now that you have your three tasks, list three action steps for each one so you can get the tasks done. Now you have a to do list that you can use daily to complete your tasks.

Put those action steps on your calendar, hang the list so you can see it everyday, focus on just your action steps until you are done with your task. 

I know some tasks will take days or weeks to finish and some you can get done in a day or even hours. By focusing on just three items at a time it will be easier to stay focused, and start to cross things off your original list.

When you have completed one of the three items on you list go back to your original list and choose another item, create action steps and add them to your calendar and to do list.

This is a easy way to stay focused and get things done during the holidays.  Of course you may need to make modification on the items that need to get done, but working with three items at a time instead of your entire list you actually see things getting done.

Get things done, start your list today!

Do you have a long list of thing you want to have done by the end of the year?
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  1. Thank you, I have so many ideas swimming in my head, its always got to do this, and got to do that... I am going to make a list this weekend, and prioritize ( I know this, it is so simple, yet so hard) Have a great weekend.


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