What is your Favorite Style of Art?

I love abstract paintings!

If I could fill my house with abstract painting, I would have them everywhere. If I could paint I would create abstract paintings all the time.

With so many varieties of painting styles to choose from, there is something for everyone. Here is a list of just a few styles to choose from, abstract, realism, impressionism, minimalism, and expressionism.

I like abstracts that have lots of color, are visually pleasing to the eye, and give off a positive feeling. I found these amazing piece on Etsy. It was really hard to narrow it down to just these three, there are so many beautiful paintings to choose from!

Art painting fine art oil painting original oil painting by eakrem

Electro Magnetic original abstract painting by brianelston

So, my question to you today: What style of paintings do you prefer, realistic or abstract?

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  1. Abstract Art is my favorite as well. I like the simplistic beauty of it:)

  2. when i paint i do abstract pantings, but my own personal tastes are all over the board. what moves me more is colour & the 'feeling' of the piece instead of the style.

  3. I think I prefer realistic but I love abstract as well. Such beautiful pieces featured!

  4. I'm more of an inbetweenie. I do love a good abstract, but, also, one that has elements of both usually strikes my fancy.


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