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When I am not feeling creative or want to be inspired, I love to go through my books! Lots of books. I pull them from my library and start paging through them spending time sketching, until I am ready to work again.

What about you?

When you are not feeling inspired to create, do you have a routine that you do to get inspired?

Do you do the same things every time or try a variety of techniques to inspire yourself?

Thanks in advance for your input, I look forward to the discussion.

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  1. I certainly turn to books for inspiration. A lot of my drawings come from literature.

    When I'm feeling uninspired it's usually solved by a quick nap, a good film or just waiting out the bad weather. For some reason bad weather just makes me want to curl up and do nothing.

  2. I look at old beading magazines or new beads I've purchased and remember my ideas for them. Then I can get going again.

    Lately, I have a lack of time, not ideas.

  3. i go to my 'creative note book' i TRY to write down, sketch, print ideas, of inspiration as it pops into my head. then when i get stuck i turn back to it & usually the fire of inspiration burns again!

  4. Books and beading magazines, but also catalogs! I take the time to look at the jewelry and styles that are being worn and am usually inspired to try something. I recently was inspired by a $400.00 necklace from the Sundance catalog, and a very erotic Swedish love poem in English translation!!

  5. hmmm... that's a hard one for me! I'd say flipping through decor & design blogs (or magazines). I'll see something I love- just one little thing- like the color of a room or a really exquisitely styled room & that'll get me going. :)

  6. i am more of an inside my head kind of person when i turn to inspiration. a lot of my ideas just pop up there and i work on them from there really! whether it's a photo, drawing or a new baby hat it kinda all happens the same way :)


Your thoughts and ideas are an important part of the conversation, thanks for sharing!