Beyond Creating

I spend a lot of time online, working, and creating. Sometimes I let it consume me, until my family drags me away and we spend time together.

I have several shows this season so I have been busier then usual lately. I realized that when I take I break I do better work. Also when I do something I love taking a break a lot easier.

I love to cook. I found that taking a bunch of ingredients and turning it into a meal is a nice break for me. Cooking has become another creative outlet for me.

There are a lot of thing I like to do outside of my work, watching old movies, books, hanging with family and friends, relaxing on a beautiful day, and of course cooking.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not creating?
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  1. Sleep! It seems like everything I do has something to do with creating...and I love it!
    Great blog and you have a new follower :)

  2. I like to read, hang out with my 3 kitty sons, but I'm passionate about creating.

    How did the DIY show go for you?

  3. I love to read, bake, and hang out with the hubby and watch TV. If only my day job didn't get in the way :)

  4. Reading, and anything physical. Today it was filling my little SUV with firewood!

  5. It's funny you should ask, 'cause just recently I realized that I spend way to much time on the computer. I really used to enjoy curling up with a good book. Haven't done it in a while. So I went out and got a 1000 plus page Stephen King book & have been enjoying curling up on the couch with it for 1/2 hr before bed every night.


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