Artist to Know - Toni Swarthout

Today's artist to know creates art work that stirs up mysterious feelings and deep emotions. I love her use of color, texture, and the passion she puts into each of her paintings.

Toni Swarthout
Love Wide Open
Words from Toni Swarthout
Painting, for me, is all about listening and awareness. I am inspired by nature and human activity around me. My paintings are my way of bearing witness to events, nature, human kindness and suffering in the world.
Crashing Thru the Clouds
Painting feeds my soul. It is a gateway for me to connect with the earth, nature and beyond. I take much delight in sharing my art with others and offering them a window into my world.
Jana's Dream
View all Toni's amazing work on her website.
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  1. I like the intense colors of each of the paintings. Lovely!

  2. I agree with you on color, texture, and the passion !

  3. Very gorgeous work. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the color combinations and textures in her paintings


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