Artist to Know - Chris Ofili

Recently, while in the library I saw a new book about an artist named Chris Ofili. The cover is amazing. Upon first look at his paintings it looks like thousands of little beads on a canvas, but after further review I realized it was lots of tiny dot of paint. After looking through the book and reading his story, I realized he is definitely a Artist to Know.

Chris Ofili

Born in 1968 in Manchester, England, to Nigerian parents, Chris Ofili graduated from London's Royal College of Art in 1993.

His artwork is full of references to the diverse traditional African art, images from popular culture, and hip-hop music, Chris Ofili’s paintings explore the contemporary black urban experience.

Ofili’s intricately layered works combine bead-like dots of paint, inspired in part by cave paintings in Zimbabwe, with collaged images from popular magazines and such materials as glitter and map pins.

Ofili is one of the most visible of the generation of British artists known as the YBAs (Young British Artists).

Their are hundreds of sites that refer to his work. Put Chris Ofili into any search engine to find out more about this amazing artist.

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  1. Such amazing work! You can really see the African influence in his pieces. And all that color, love it :)

  2. wow that first piece really speaks to me. I wish I could see it close up right now!

  3. Interesting post! Thanks for sharing.

  4. amazing; I wish to see it up close also
    thank you.


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