Journal Your Way

Do you find keeping a journal challenging? I did, until I changed my idea of using a journal.

I think what is hard is the idea of keeping a journal. We have these preconceived notions about what we should write in a journal but that doesn't have to be the case. I have written a few posts about journal styles such as Journal your Way to Self Discovery, and Journal Styles that are full of ideas about keeping a journal.

Today's post is about creating a journal as unique as you. I don't really keep a journal in the traditional way, I use a sketch book that I draw in often and when I read I keep notes of idea and information I want to share. That's what I consider a journal.

Last week in the comments of the post Transformations 2010 - Getting Started MooreMagnets said "I am currently documenting my organizing journey on my blog", using your blog is another way to journal.

A friend of mine said that one of her goals this year is to do something every month that she has never tired before and to journal about her experiences, that's her idea of a journal.

Their are many ideas for creating a unique journal that is all about you. Try writing or doing a collage about things you learn, ideas you have, things that happen to you, experiences you have, or even a food journal with all the recipes you try and how they taste. The ideas are endless.

Choose topics that intrigue and compel you, those are the things that will keep you writing and working on having a journal that means something to you.

What type of journal do you keep?

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  1. I have several art journals where I collage, sketch and paint designs around inspirational quotes or ideas. I very rarely keep anything personal in writing where someone can find it. I am much too private for that, so I get those feelings and ideas out visually thru my art.



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