Journal your way to Self Discovery

The road to finding inspiration is not straight and narrow, it's winding and unfamiliar. While on this journey keeping a journal/sketchbook gives your new inspired ideas a place to go. When ideas come you may not have all the details worked out, putting them down on paper will help you with the process.

Keeping a journal is not just about writing, it can be sketching, doodling, making lists, or even making a college. It's not something you have to do everyday, but when you are serious about growing and expressing through your art then it's worth taking a few minutes everyday to work out your ideas.

Remember, journals/sketchbooks are for all your ideas, good and bad. You should never filter or judge yourself on what you put down. These books are for your own personal thoughts and growth. What may seem like a bad idea at the time, may be your best idea ever when you look at it in the future.

The words and sketches you do will awaken your creative wisdom, which will help you make better decisions about the direction you take in your creative process, as well as set better goals that will be easier for you to reach.

Next week I will share journal/sketchbook options, from buying handmade, to creating your own, or embellishing a store bought book.

Share your experience about keeping a journal/sketchbook.

Anyone make journals or sketchbooks share your link for us all the check out!

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  1. I always love the idea of a sketchbook, when I'm not actually taking a class the book tends to lie fallow, is used for lists, to do lists, grocery, holiday gift lists....

    That doesn't stop me from starting a fresh one though. I have high hopes with each new beginning though. Lately my Peanut takes over my books and uses them for her own art. I don't mind sharing

  2. TMCPhoto thanks for sharing.

    I too love the idea of a sketchbook and journal, but don't it as much as I want.

    I am going to start a project (hopefully in November)where I will journal and sketch for 30 days and share the process. Come back and check it out, I hope to have a few people do it with me.

  3. Great post, it's making me want to get my journal out again.


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