Artist to Know

There are so many artists past and present who's work inspires us to create. This series Artist to Know will share with you information about artists from our past and interviews from innovative artists from our present. I hope you will enjoy learning about these artist as much I am going to enjoy researching each of them.

An artist that has inspired me in many ways from the materials used, the use of color, and his innovative shapes, is Alexander Calder. My first artist for the Artist to Know series.

Alexander Calder (1898 - 1976)

He was famous for developing the mobile as a three-dimensional kinetic art form. In addition to Mobile's he did sculptures, paintings, lithographs, toys, and jewelry. He is one of the most acclaimed and influential sculptor of our time.

He was born in Lawnton Pennsylvania.

In 1915 he went to Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ to study mechanical engineering.

When he decided he wanted to be an artists he went to the Art Student League in New York City to study art.

Calder's work elegantly combines elements of Abstraction, Surrealism and Constructivism. His first public commission for mobiles was in 1937 for the Berkshire Museum. He has permanent pieces including mobiles and sculptures all over the world. His pieces can be found in museums, city public buildings, the JFK Airport, and he also had a piece that was in the World Trade Center North Tower that was destroyed 9/11/2001.

All the images are from the Calder Foundation Website
What artist has influenced you and your art?

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  1. One of my favorite artists of all time!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Calder!! His jewelry is absolutely amazing...and he used only cold connections - no soldering. There was a Calder jewelry exhibit at the Met last year that was truly amazing.
    Thanks for posting this!
    Great idea too about the Artist to Know series. I look forward to seeing your futre posts! ;-)

  2. Alexander Calder was a genius. His mobiles are so whimsical, yet engineered brilliantly. Thanks for this post!

  3. Great post! An artist that influences me is Charley Harper...Love his illustrations!


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