Explore - New Ideas for New Ideas

Working on new designs for the holidays?

Having trouble coming up with ideas?

Try a couple of these easy exercise to get into a creative mood.

Create something in your medium of choice based on your favorite children's story. My favorite is story is Green Eggs and Ham. Last time I was in a rut I created several pieces in green, a color I seldom use, they all turned out great.

Design something to your favorite song. Respond to what you hear, and how the music makes you feel. I don't listen to music but books on CD when I work, and many times I get engrossed into the story and make things that the characters I am listening to would wear.

How about designing something to advertise your shop, a t-shirt, pen, tote bag, or a hat. Make them fun. They will make great gifts and advertise for you too. I have not done this idea, but I am looking forward to creating t-shirts for me and everyone in my family.

Try one or try them all, and enjoy the process along the way. Each ideas will give you a new way to look at what you are creating and help you come up with new ideas.
Share an experience of how you get your creative juices flowing.

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  1. What a great article...thanks for sharing..

  2. Great post and ideas. One thing I like to do is grab all my old magazines and books and thumb through them. Not to do one of the projects but to get inspiration. I look at the designs and colors. This usually helps me figure out something new to do.

  3. I am with you, Theresa! I am a total magazineaholic. I just wish I had more time to relax and read.


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