Creative Thinking

Cre•a•tive adj. 1. Having the ability or
power to create. 2. Creating: productive.
3. Characterized by originality
and expressiveness; imaginative.
(According to The American Heritage Dictionary)

Did you know that the study of creativity is a relatively recent one?

In 1913 a French mathematician called Poincare, while working on a new mathematical theory described creative thinking like this:
-Identifying the problem
-the research into it
-the period of uncertainty and maturation
-the flash of insight
-the rationalization

This idea was refined by a physiologist called Wallas in 1926 and he described the stages like this:

Today Michael Ray a professor at Stanford believes the five qualities of creating are:

However you want to describe it, we are all creative, we just need to tap into it and let it be a way of life.

How would you describe creativity?

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