Creativity Boost

Do you need a creativity boost?

Work with a creative partner

It can be productive to work alone, but sometimes you need that extra boost that working with someone else provides. Its nice to have someone to talk to about art, to help keep you motivated, and to brainstorm new ideas.

I have a couple of creative partners, my sister who helps me with marketing and promotions, and a friend who is a clothing designer. We talk about fashion, trends, and keep each other motivated to take our designs to the next level. They both live in different states, but with online chats and skype its not that hard to connect.

Your creative partner can be anyone you feel will keep you motivated. They don't have to be an artist or create the same type of art you do, you just want someone you can share ideas with and that will give you a boost when you need one.

Do you have someone to keep you motivated?

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  1. I totally agree with you! Having a creative partner is great! My mom and I do most of our creating together. =)

  2. Yes there is nothing like having a friend or family member that shares in your interest! We have a sewing group that meets at the library and everybody brings a project to work on. We do show and tell; and a quick make it and take it project. It is funny to watch the faces when we all come in wheeling are sewing machines!

  3. hmm I should try working with someone else.

  4. I have my whole family and some friends :D


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