Business Tip Tuesday - Action Steps

In my quest to make the most out of my marketing efforts and less time on my computer, I have been reading information on goal setting. That is a huge topic and I am not going to get into that today, but I do want to share a couple of tips that I am going to try to help keep me focused.

Write down what you want to accomplish
Do this weekly it will help to keep your goals small a focused. Break them up into action steps and if you need more then three then your goal is to big and you need to narrow its focus. Another benefit, you can cross thing off as you go, giving you an even greater sense of accomplishment.

Start with steps that will give you immediate results
This will help you stay motivated. Having a couple of things you can accomplish immediately will help your business in a positive way.

Reward yourself for your achievements
This will help you stay positive and to not lose focus. It could be something small or big (new supplies, a night out, an afternoon off) just make sure to write it down with the tasks you want to complete that visual will help you stay on task.

Staying focused and getting the most from my online marketing efforts with less time on the computer is my main goal, what is yours?

Update from last weeks post

I have used the blog posts How Much Time and Tracking Time to help me stay on track, and it seems to be working. I stuck to my computer schedule for a couple of days, but there are days it sucks me in and I lose track of time. I did work on my Facebook account, adding a couple of posts, I got 5 new fans, and I ran and ad for 2 days. I am getting people from Facebook checking out my sites and blog everyday, but I did realize that I am not hitting my target market so I need to keep working on that.

This next week I am going to work on my Etsy and 1000 Markets shops, updating them, changing some photo's, and finding better ways to market. I hope this helps to generate some sales. Next week I am going to work on my social networking sites (I have several) and figure out which ones are most productive and eliminate that ones that are a waste of time.

Again, I want to thank everyone who commented on the Tracking Time post. There are some good ideas in the comments section, so check it out.

Do you set goal for your business? How do you set them monthly, weekly, daily? Do you have some strategies to help you meet your goals? Please share!
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  1. Great tips! Time management seems to be such an issue. I always feel that the to-do list is never complete at the end of the day. I've found that writing a "completed list" at the end of the day reminds me of all the little things I did that took time.


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