Cultivate Your Creative Voice

When learning our craft we research ideas, admire other artists work, and get inspired by what we discover.

It is so easy to take an ideas of another artist and recreate it to make it your own, but if you take the time to cultivate your own voice you can create designs that are all your own.

Try these simple ideas to get your ideas flowing:

Take the time to learn about what you enjoy creating. New ideas come out all the time, stay on top of all the new trends and ideas of your medium.

Explore your inner voice. A few minutes of mediation will help you connect with your inner voice. 

Listen to your intuition. Trust those ideas that come to you out of the blue, regardless of how challenging you think it will be to create.

Write / Draw out your thoughts and ideas. Keep a record of all your ideas good and bad, to help inspire future ideas.

Develop the ideas that make you happy. Learn what you need to learn, and take your art in a new direction.

Cultivating your own voice takes a little practice, but once you make it part of your everyday creative process you will discover that the piece you create will come from your heart and not just your head.

How have you cultivated your creative voice lately?

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  1. Great points. And I love that photo/quote!

  2. i love that quote on the tag :)
    I've always been quite intuitive and I try to to cultivate that side of me more!

  3. Love the tag quote! I think i have my own 'style' when it comes to jewelry. I took a class in the jewelry biz with Viki Lareau from The Bead Factory (her husband authored 'All Wired Up') and she came to each of us to see what kinds of stuff we make. She told me that she loved mine and that it shows a definite personal style, that people would be able to recognize as one of my pieces. That made me feel good. She was telling most of the others in the class that they were too 'all over the map'.

    1. JoJo - What a small world this is. I took a class taught by her husband Mark Lareau on wire work. After taking his class I went out and purchased his book which has become one of my favorite go-to sources and a book I often recommend to others. :)

  4. I tend to think that I have my own style. Perhaps one of the reasons I abandoned my etsy shop was due to the fact that there was a lot of copying there of other's work and I didn't want to one day find one of my pieces copied and online at Ali Baba's.
    At present I have several of my pieces on display at The ArtCenter Manatee - which is a local Bradenton, Florida center for the arts. I like the fact that The ArtCenter takes in novel work that is one-of-a-kind and definitely handcrafted by the artist. I also feel that their strict standards encourage me to be more creative and think outside the box.

  5. Great post! and agree that being creative is a way of life ... in all we do. No harm in finding inspiration, but the true creativity comes when you let your mind flow with it


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