Spring Update

Spring is here! Well at least that's what people are telling me. It's still cold here in Chicagoland and brown. I really can't wait for thing to start greening up and warming up!

This is the time of year people start thinking about Spring cleaning, and transitioning your home to reflect the warmer seasons. 

What about your studio/workspace? 
Do you do give your studio a Spring update? 

This is the perfect time of year to add some color to your studio, open a window (if you have one) for fresh air, rearrange, or bring in some elements to brighten things up.

Don't forget to Spring clean your online business. Click here for tips to get your shop, blog, and social media sites updated for the season.

What do you do to transition your studio/workspace for the Spring season?

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  1. My space stays pretty much the same year round, except for when things begin to get disorganized. My craft table has erupted again. lol

  2. Yep, it's totally brown around here. I was at the Morton Arboretum on Monday and it was the same story there. I was hoping for a LITTLE green, but nothing was sprouting yet.

    I did a big furniture switcheroo for my office recently! It's much more functional now. :-)

  3. Love all the bright colors in these photos!
    We had SNOW last night...wth! But warmer temps are on the horizon!

  4. Love that light and breezy studio in aqua. Still quite brown here, too :-(.


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