7 Ways Successful People Start Each Day

When you start your day with a can-do attitude you will have a more productive day and the energy to keep moving forward. 

The ideas I am sharing with you today are simple ways to start your day, and will help you achieve the can-do attitude you need to succeed. These ideas are very basic, but if you add them to your morning routine you will see a positive effect in how you feel and the work you do.

Move your body
When you get out of bed stretch your entire body, to get the blood flowing and take slow deep breaths to clear your mind. If you have the time add in a few exercises to loosen up your muscles and joints.

Inspire your mind
Before starting your workday is a great time to review your goals. Having them fresh in your mind when you start your day can inspire your best work as you go through your day.

Ignore email and messages
I know this is a hard one, but by if you wait till you are ready to start your workday to check your messages it will leave your mind free to reflect on your goals and thing you want to accomplish.

Fuel Your body
Breakfast defines how you feel for the day, so choose what you decide to eat wisely. Fruit, veggies, and lean protein will sustain you for hours. This is not a meal to be skipped, you do your best work when you have the fuel you need.

Feed your mind
While you are dressing, eating breakfast, or if you have a commute, these are good times to listen to motivational audio and inspirational music. Listening to the news or talk radio will only add stress to your day.

Be Cheerful
When you are upbeat and enthusiastic and share those positive feeling, it will inspire everyone around you to do the same. 

Do an important project first
Start your workday by deciding what is your most important project and do that first. By doing this you create momentum that will keep you energized all day.

I have incorporated all these ideas into my morning, and I found that it was not as difficult as I thought it might be. The hardest part for myself was not looking at email and messages, but it has been a few weeks now and I'm now fine with waiting till I'm ready to work.

Try to incorporate some or all of these ideas into your morning and see how you feel about your work and your goals over the next few weeks. 

Which of the 7 ideas do you think would be challenging for your morning?

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  1. Fabulous advice!
    I can't function without breakfast! In my case I like to get the emails out of the way before starting an important project :)

  2. Great advice! Except for the email and messages point I fulfill all other recomendations. :)

  3. Great list! Being cheerful is my most challenging. Oh, and the 'do the important thing first'. Sometimes the important thing is the most difficult so I tend to put that off.
    I am off to fuel my body now!

  4. "Don't go near the internet/ Facebook' should be on that list!

  5. This is too funny!! I had the same type of thing scheduled as my blog post for today!! Our lists are pretty similar... I'm going to need to try to email/message one and think about doing my most important project first. I never really think about the email one too much because I rarely get anything other than spam mail which I then get to clean out of my inbox. Cleaning out things makes me happy! Here's to great minds thinking alike. :)

  6. Great advice. But I'll have a terrible time ignoring emails.

  7. It's a great list. I particularly like #6, Be Cheerful - I cannot count the times I've left the house in the morning feeling happy and then I'd run into someone wearing a frown and who has a really bad attitude. It totally ruins my day. Smiles and cheerfulness are contagious - so let's try to spread it around. :)


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