Knowing Your Target Market Will Make You More Money

Finding your target market is one of hardest parts of having a creative business. It is also one of the most important parts of having a successful creative business.

When I started the Additions collection I wanted to create designs for young women who wanted something different. I spent years creating sterling silver art pieces that were expensive and that few people could afford. So creating an affordable collection for young women seems like the perfect target market. I learned quickly that young women were not the people buying my jewelry.

In the past year or so I have finally pinpointed my target market, and now I know where to focus my marketing efforts, and I am working on finding places to share my marketing message.

It is easy to say that your items can be sold to everyone of every age and socio economic status, but trust me that is not the case. Knowing your target market will not only help you sell more product it will make your marketing efforts easier.

I discovered mine by watching and talking to the people who were buying my jewelry at shows. I was able to pinpoint the average age of my customer (it was no where near what I thought), what they do for a living,  income, why they liked my designs, and where they lived.

I gained so much info interacting with my customers, learning what styles they like and using that info to help me to create new collections. I have finally stopped wasting time and money on reaching markets that are not interested in what I have to offer.

Take the time to do a little research to discover your target market. You will be surprised how knowing this information will make you creative business boom.

Not sure where to get started, would you use a little help finding your target market? Check out this FREE e-book How to Find Your Target Market Today by Sadie Maruska from Yarn Obsession. It's a quick read and full of helpful ideas to discover your target market.

There are a variety of websites and blogs with helpful information as well. A quick Google search or check of Pinterest boards should yield lots of get places to visit.

Do you know your target market?
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  1. This is still a difficult area for me. I make so many different items that I haven't pinpointed just one target market yet. A lot of my work is for weddings, so I try to focus my work there, but I still have so many other items that fit other markets.

  2. My mom is always trying to force me into making jewelry that she sees in catalogs or that the newsanchors wear on TV because 'that's what's in'. I told her if I made 'what's in' every damn year I'd go broke from having to buy new supplies. I just make what I think looks pretty and I figure the right people will find and buy it.

  3. Actually, part of the reason I started making wedding jewelry first before I branched off into everyday pieces (aside from liking weddings, of course) was that it was easier to pinpoint a target market. I basically wanted to find people like me: in their 20s and on a budget. Finding the audience for my other shop was much harder because it can be hard to predict who will want non-occasion jewelry. In fact, I never really got a hang of that one as well.

  4. Target market is really tough for me, because we offer such a variety of items. That free e-book might be very helpful!

    1. PS - I've got a no-rules instagram link up going on at my place, if you're interested.

  5. Its funny how it can take us years to figure out a target market. This can be tricky to identify. I think shows are the best way to do so but unfortunately I don't do them at this time. So I really pay attention to what my customers are purchasing and expand on that.

  6. I have a very difficult time with this because when I attend shows, the people buying my stuff truly do seem to be wide ranging. I want to know who to gear my work towards, but how can I do this when my audience seems to range anywhere from 8 -80 yrs old??? Sigh... this will always be a work in progress I guess.


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