Don't Give Up On Your Goals

A couple of years ago I did several posts about planning and setting goals, because I believe it is important to have long term goals to help guide you in your life and business. I also believe that when you have small workable goals it can be easier to reach your long term goals.

When you have one of those days or weeks where nothing is going right and you may want to give up on our goals, remember every month, every week, every day, even every hour, you can start fresh.

Everyday I get up I go to the gym and I try to eat good healthy meals, but on some days don't do as well with my goal to eat healthy. The best part I can get up the next day and start over, and over time I know I will meet my goal.

If things are not going as planned one day, then the next day start over. Having a bad hour, try again the next hour. Their is no reason to give up on your dreams and goals, because  every day is a new day.

Do you find it easy to start over?

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  1. I find I start over regularly. Each week when I try to get out there and walk or run, lately it is starting from the beginning each time because so much time passes before I go out next. But I still try. The key is to keep trying.

  2. Such a good piece of advice! That last couple weeks have been a little stressful, so these are much needed words to hear right now :)

  3. I'm always starting over. It's part of being a truck driver's wife.....we are faced with major financial setbacks almost on a monthly basis.

  4. Inspiring words! I never let go of a goal. Once I have my mind set on accomplishing something, I do it. The planning and waiting to reach a goal can be frustrating at times but having a plan keeps me focused.

  5. It's so important to remember that every day is a new day! There is no point in beating yourself up over the things that you didn't get done yesterday.

  6. Sometimes it's easy to start over. Other times - not so much. Every day IS a new day, and while a new day may bring with it new challenges, we can always look forward to tomorrow. =0)
    Great post, Valerie. Thanks!

  7. I so agree with you :)

    The word "incrementally" comes up a lot in our house. With everyone so busy and complaining about not having enough time to do what they would like to get on with, I am constantly preaching, just do it "incrementally" but that doesn't bode well sometimes with males who want to be able to get the whole job done or it isn't worth doing - I, of course, disagree with that and have no option to do things "incrementally"

    Have a lovely evening, cheers, T. :)

  8. very good perspective! I have been having one of those weeks ... and smaller goals might help just a bit. thanks for the push!

  9. I don't find it easy, but I see the work involved is worth it, so buckling down and forging on no matter what. It's good advice to approach each new day by casting off what held you back and looking forward to even small accomplishments. Great post and motivation, Valerie!

  10. It is not so easy to start over because then you have to admit you failed. That's hard and depressing. But sometimes really the best thing. Wise is who knows when ;)

  11. I'm not sure how to start over.

    March 22, 2012, I had my full life ahead of me.
    Then, my life changed in the blink of an eye... I was taking a poster down, and ended up breaking my foot.. No biggie, right??
    I wish!
    I ended up developing CRPS/RSD In my foot. It's recorded to be the most painful chronic pain d/o known to man kind.
    18months later,,, and it's in both feet/legs, my arms, my short term memory is shot,etc.
    I'm going to be 26 in November... And are 100% dependent on my parents again. There's no cure either.
    I have a blog that is dedicated towards CRPS, and my journey. www.hopeforyourcause.org if you want to learn more about it.

  12. As of now, I have nothing to work towards. But, I am a fighter, and I won't let RSD own my lifeI guess my struggle is finding out how and where to start over, once I find out how, I'd do it... I'm determined to get my life back.
    Thank you for your wonderful blog and posts.
    Love, Heather Lynn


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