Inspiration For the New Season

Inspiration boards are a great way to gain insight to what trends, styles, or designs are important to you right now.

Creating a board is easy and requires only a few supplies. Their is no right or wrong way, it's all about what inspires you at the time.

You can make your inspiration board any size using a variety of different mediums. Working on a cork board is the most versatile option; you can change it as often as you want, create one for certain projects, different seasons, or the mood you are in at the time.

There are no rules to creating your board. It’s just a matter of finding photos, objects, fabric, examples of texture and colors that you can pin to your board.

Three tips to remember when making your board:

1. Nothing is off limits - keep your eye out for anything that inspires you. Photos, magazine pictures, fabric, personal memories.

2. Follow your instincts -let your subconscious guide you. You don't have to understand why it inspires you at the moment; you just have to find it interesting.

3. Embrace fantasy - ignore realities of everyday life. Again just choose what really inspires, even if it not something you would ever choose.

A small list of sources for inspiration:

European fashion magazines - they push the style envelope, so you will see more innovative and cutting-edge photos.

Home and garden magazines - great source for textures, fabric, patterns, and shapes.

History, old movies, and pop culture - use the web for inspiration.

Celebrity photos - always a rich source of inspiration.

Your favorite web sites and blog - are full of ideas.

Once your board is complete you will want to take a little time to analyze what you have on your board. You may see a pattern or direction you can try right away, or you may find your board is random with no clear pattern. Walking away for awhile will give you a chance to regroup, and when you comeback your theme will be clearer to you.

Creating your board should be fun, and having the option to change it as often as you like will make your board a great source of inspiration.

Have you created a inspiration board?

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  1. I have more of an inspiration room...lol! All the bits and pieces I save are all around my room...I need to get more organized and get them together on a board!

  2. I have created a mood board or inspirational board but I don't find it very helpful. Some people really like the idea like my bestfriend but I keep so many thoughts in my head at all times that having a board doesn't really get me motivated.

  3. On Pinterest yes...because that requires no wall space, something that I just don't have. I do keep 3 ring binders, scrapbooks, etc. with ideas and inspiration.

  4. I haven't had an inspiration board up in a long time. I think it's about time to put one up!


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