Mother Nature and Creativity

Wellness and healing start with Mother Nature. Plant remedies have been used for focus, longevity, and inspiration for thousands of years in many cultures.

Using herbs is a way to enhance your creativity help you get through the day. Partaking in a warm cup of herbal tea is a lovely ritual and a nice way to focus your senses for a day of creating.

Herbs for creativity

Gingko Biloba - the leaves are thought to help with memory and circulating blood flow to the brain.

Mugwort - is said to enhance one's intuitive abilities.

Green tea - good for clearing the mind, focus, and giving you a little energy.

Camomile - helps you relax after a long day of creating

Lemon Balm - eases stress and anxiety.

Adding herbs to your daily routine is as easy as picking some up at the farmers market, or growing your own.

To make a tea infusion add a heaping spoon of the herbs for every cup of water and when it comes to a boil turn off the heat and let the herbs steep. After 5 - 10 minutes strain and pour into glass. Sweeten as necessary. Your tea is ready to sip and enjoy throughout the day.

Do you use herbs for your overall health?

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  1. I don't use any herbs for health at all. I think because I am so skeptical about whether they will work, so they don't work for me b/c I don't believe in them. Years ago I did try valerian root capsules to help me sleep and it didn't help me at all.

  2. I love herbal teas! I think some of them are very helpful at easing symptoms too. Ginger tea was wonderful for me when I suffered from morning sickness and I love lavender oil rubbed on your temples for a wonderful sleep aid.

  3. I have used herbs my whole life! I think my parents were one of the original subscribers to Prevention Magazine. Now I love them in my cooking - I have a large collection of herbs and spices, and prefer to grow my own (if I can!)

  4. I'm a big fan of herbs. I have no prescription medications - only herbs. My cousin Jeannie is affiliated with Nature's Sunshine:
    https://www.facebook.com/naturessunshine. I'll be taking a class each day next week to learn more about herbal remedies.

  5. I like to try out new to me herbs in cooking and sometimes grow a few in pots. Fresh herbs are like night and day over the dried ones, but I do use mostly dried ones at the moment.

  6. I love tea! Everyday after lunch at work I have green tea. At home I have a variety that is always changing. Currently I have chamomile, spice chai and echinacea. All delicious and comforting.

  7. One of my favorite herbs is mint - it goes beautifully in teas and I love it in a pitcher of iced tea in the summer time. So refreshing.

    Much of today's modern medicines came from plants and many of those Old Wives remedies are still in vogue today. Aspirin was derived from Willow bark, the ancients found that a tea brewed from the bark relieved headache and other pains. It took medical science a few thousand years to progress enough to be able to isolate the component in willow bark that acted as an analgesic. When aspirin first became available it was called "The Wonder Drug". Now it seems so old fashioned compared to the many analgesics that are on the market. :D

  8. Great post!

    I love herbs and agree with all of the descriptions for their helpful uses in our lives. Lemon Balm tea is incredible and so easy :)

    I actually use mugwort for dream pillows. Try putting dried mugwort in a small, cloth pouch and then sliding it into your pillow case. Far out vivid dreams like you wouldn't believe!


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