DIY Friday - Craft Show Display Ideas

Show season is getting into full swing. I am always on the hunt for unique ideas to give my show booth a little boost. I found some great ideas on Pinterest. I hope one of these ideas inspires you.

Stair step shelf
Tiered trays
Dollar Store creation
Old suitcases make great displays
Clipboards in fun colors
Shutter and bi-fold doors make great display pieces 
Baskets make nice displays
Cups are a cute unexpected item
I recently changed up my entire display and I now use wood display boards and a red metal toolbox. The toolbox is great for storage and adding height. Plus it puts more emphasizes on my hardware jewelry.

My display set up 
What is your favorite DIY display item in your show booth?

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  1. I love the suitcase display - it's very popular over here!

  2. I'm not crazy about the round necklace holders that spin that I have...there are 3 tiers of arms. The table I get is long enough but I have so many different kinds of crafts to display and sell.

  3. Great ideas! Love the tiered trays.
    A child-sized coat rack is one of my favorite craft show props.

  4. It really amazes me how creative people are when it comes to booth displays! One of my favorite aspects of my booth is a wooden thread sorter for my button rings.

  5. I LOVE the bright boxes :)

    I use my vintage suitcases to display my smaller artwork on canvas, people love to see it on display :)

    Some great inspiration :)

    Have a lovely weekend, cheers, T. :)

  6. I love suitcases or using old crates or maybe wire crates for prints. :) It's amazing what one can use for display!

  7. Some very unique and colorful displays. It is funny to note that in your area you're just gearing up for the craft shows while down here in Southern Florida, we're winding down. Most of our shows are in the fall, winter and spring because that's when we get our Snowbirds and most of our tourist. . . for some reason the local year-rounders don't count. :D

  8. I really struggle with my displays. A lot. I saw someone with clipboards at a show yesterday and it looked great!

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