It's Time to Feel the Power

Art by J.C. Spock
Are you ready to let go of the fear and build the business of your dreams? This process can be simple, if you are ready to be empowered.

Do you feel 
Self-empowered is the ability to actually take action and go for what you want, no matter what, without asking permission or acknowledgment from anyone else. 

Imagine courageously leading your own life, being willing to step over, and step past, the fear and limiting beliefs of others and into the glory of the life you know you were meant to live.

Have you stepped into your power?

Are you creating your life or letting life happen? Going after your dreams or waiting for your big break? Have you settled to the fact that this is how life is or making it better?

It's time to go after what you want, step into the power, and be in control of you life.

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  1. Sometimes easier said than done.

  2. I wish I could LET go of a lot of things. But I've taken a small step and moved towards getting a logo for my business. For starters, I am happy I took the step!

  3. This topic is so spot on for me because I've realized that some of what I aspire to do, has nothing to do with Etsy, and I'm finally realizing it's okay to diversify and just do what feels right 'for me'.

    Thanks for all of your fun loving encouragement!

  4. A very powerful message...love it! And I love that mixed media piece as well!

  5. Sometimes your post really hits home, Valerie! I need to be courageous and step past the fear.

  6. I am all about making my dreams come true. So far they all have! My next one is taking that leap of faith to self employment which will happen very soon!

  7. Certainly this post is food for thought. Am I really taking charge? Am I truly doing everything I can to succeed? Guess I need to ponder over this for awhile.


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