Create Your Own Cheering Squad

When you have people around that support you, it creates a feeling of security and helps build confidence.

There is strength in numbers, and finding the right people to cheer you on can make a significant difference in how you approach challenges.

A little boost from your peers can help propel you to work toward your goals and achieve them. That encouragement is also important for getting you through tough situations.

Finding the right people for your cheering squad can be a process. You may meet someone and you know will be perfect right away, and other times you stumble upon someone through trial and error.

When you start your search consider these questions:

Do I feel a real connection to this person?

Am I comfortable opening up to them?

Have they ever said anything that would make me doubt myself?

Your group can be just a couple of people or a large as you need, go with whatever you feel most comfortale with. Once you find you squad, talk with them regularly, share challenges and successes, and listen to what they have to offer.

Remember it's not a one-sides relationship. As your cheering squad cheers you on, return the favor. Over time you will have a group of people who will always be there for you so your business can thrive.

Do you have a cheering squad?

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  1. This is so important. My boyfriend offers me an incredible amount of support and is so happy for me when I meet milestones! It encourages me to keep pushing forward with my business.

  2. My fiance' and my friends have been so great with their support and encouragement.

  3. Love this post! My hubby and my kids are my biggest fans and then a couple of good friends thrown in - I'm set!!

  4. One of my Etsy teams is my cheering squad. They "get it."

  5. totally, my husband, my parents and of course friends...but each has supports me in different ways

  6. I have a small circle of close friends who, together with my family are my greatest support. We all need approval, no matter what we're doing!