Spring Fashion Trends

It has been a chilly March here in the Midwest and I can't wait for some warmer weather. Hopefully if I keep thinking about Spring it will warm up, so today's is a list of fashion trends for Spring. All of these trends are easy to wear and incorporate into your wardrobe. Which trend is going to be your favorite?

Black and White

Bold Strips

Peek a boo 


Graphic prints and print mixing

Which trend are you going to try in your wardrobe this season?
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  1. Sooooo not into fashion. I wear tshirts and sweats or shorts!

  2. I'm afraid I don't follow the "what's in" styles. I kind of have my own style, which suits my personality very well. I wear a lot of vintage - which never really goes out of style!

  3. I'm afraid I don't try to be in fashion so much any more. I will wear whatever fits and is comfortable! My daughter is the fashionista and I enjoy seeing how she incorporates the trends.

  4. I'm trying to improve my sense of style. While I worked at Ann Taylor Loft I was able to try on and test different things that would work for me. I'm a simple girl so I wear a lot of jeans, tees, and ballet flats. I like the retro styles a lot so I want to start buying or making dresses like the 50s-60s style.

  5. Trends are not really my thing. I go for classic pieces which can be mixed and matched and can be worn for a long time. If I had to choose though, it would be the stripes!

  6. I love stripes and red! I'm definitely ready for some warmer weather, too.

  7. I always seem to buy tops with stripes, so I'm glad to see that's hot this season! :D

  8. Love the bold stripes and those striking reds!

  9. I can't say that any of these trends excite me. I am craving flowing tops of rayon jersey to wear with skinny pants.


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