Commitment To Learning

Business and art are always evolving, requiring us to learn new things to stay on top of what is important for our business and our medium.

In jewelry making their are always new techniques for me to learn, and when you are running an online business their is a never ending amount of things coming out often. 

Every week I set aside time to learn something new. I check out new websites, blogs, and books. I believe you can never stop learning, and that it will make me a better artist and blogger.

What are you committed to learning that will accelerate your personal growth?

Answering this question should give you some insight as to where you want to go with your art and your business. Once you have identified what you want to learn, make a commitment to yourself to make it happen. 

When you have completed that goal, ask yourself the question again and again. It's a question you can ask yourself throughout your career, so you keep learning and reaching your goals. 

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  1. There isn't just one style or technique I want to learn .... my goal is to keep learning, and to keep learning I need to keep trying new styles and techniques. Some stick, others don't. But I keep adding to knowledge and understanding. For me, that is my goal.

  2. I love to learn new craft projects and techniques. But what I really strive to learn are things like patience, letting go and how to stop overthinking everything.

  3. It's always good to keep learning. I've been sewing for close to 30 years and while I certainly know quite a lot, last year I learned a technique that I never even knew existed! It made me realize that there is always more out there!

  4. I found that I learn new things when I'm not even trying. I'll play around with different funtions in Photoshop or Corel and learn something new every time I'm using these programs :) Then I wonder why I didn't try that before!

  5. Right now I have a big interest in learning more about estate jewelry, and how to identify stones, quality, etc... Much as I love jewelry, I also grow tired of the 'making' at times, so I'm excited to possibly branch out in this direction in the long run.

    And I agree with JoJo, I need to learn to stop over thinking everything and just go with the flow more...

  6. Growth is such an important component of any career. It is easy to stagnate. Challenging yourself to further your growth on a regular basis can make all the difference.

  7. Definitely need to expand my "html" skills! I also love learning new things everyday!

  8. I definitely want to learn metal smithing! I so want to do it and create my own line of silver jewelry!

  9. I always tell my kids that learning doesn't stop when school is over. =0) It's good to keep growing and keep learning, because there's always more to learn. Great post!

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