Your Branding Message

Are you consistent with your online and offline branding presence?

As business owners we market ourselves all over the web via our shop or shops, social media sites, and blogs, it's important that we are sending the same message so we are easily identified on all our sites.

Your brand message is important for customers, to get to know you and your business. When you send a consistent messages your customers will know what to expect and be excited to see what you have to offer.

I was reading The Mogul Mom blog and this graphic sums it all up:

The Rules of Branding

Review your online presence. Is your message consistent? Is your brand easily identified on and offline?

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  1. I need to re-work my logo design. I'd like all my online activities to be linked to "Duni's Studio". Hope to get up my own website this year too!

  2. I'm only about half way there on branding. Great post. The graphic is helpful.

  3. Thanks for sharing, I need to work on more cohesive branding plan. I'm almost there.
    Lori in Atlanta

  4. Now that I finally have my paypal sorted out (name change fiasco) I will finally be able to try and sell stuff.

  5. I keep the same theme for all of my online and offline presence. My shop and blog banners match and my product packaging and business cards match as well. I should probably have something more earthy to fit my wood items better, but I love color so much and want my personality to show in my business as well :)

  6. I think that my brand is easily identified through my craft fair booth. I've been working on getting more consistent logo and colors throughout my other materials and my only presences and will continue this effort in 2013.

  7. Geez! Branding! That's where my jewelry design name totally plummets. Thank you very much for the insights. I have a l o n g WAY to go.

  8. That's a great infographic! I'll pin it. This really motivates me to do a branding check for our Etsy shop. Thanks!

  9. A great thing to look at! Currently I am only running my business through the internet. If it evolves in the future I will be sure to keep this in mind!

  10. This is such an important thing to start focusing on, as I'm starting my new blog, I'm realizing how I am lacking a consistency due to my lack of focus. But I will slowly find my new brand/style soon! :)


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