Eco Friendly Gift Guide

Recycled, upcycled, and eco friendly products are important to me. When I shop for holiday gifts I always start my search with eco friendly and recycled products.

Today I have an inspiring collection of eco friendly products from Etsy sellers. Check out their shops and see the variety of products they offer.

1. White Winter Bracelet by DevikaFelt
2. Large Cloth Napkins by JAQSstudio
3.  Bike tire coin purse by urchinbags
4. Fingerless gloves by SeamstressbytheSea
5.  Eco Friendly Linen Scarf by DonataFelt
6.  Personalized note cards by MarsDesignStudio
7.  Footed Cutting Board Serving Tray by grayworksdesign
8.  Waterproof tote by ikabags
Do you have any eco friendly items you like to shop for during the holidays?

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  1. I love making eco-friendly items whenever possible. :)

  2. I love the fingerless gloves. That color is so pretty!

  3. Honestly I never gave eco-friendly much thought!

  4. The fingerless gloves are to die for! I love the bag, too.

  5. Love the chevron note cards! I try to use as much recycled paper as I can and always use up all my scraps so I don't create any waste :)

  6. These are some pretty awesome finds! I love the footed cutting board.
    When I buy paper products for gifts, I look for recycled paper.

  7. Nice selections. The felted bracelet is a beauty!

  8. Wonderful finds!!! Love #3 and #4. =0)


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