DIY Friday - Gift Wrapping

I love wrapping gifts in brown craft paper. It looks so natural, it's easy to embellish, and affordable. I have been using craft paper to wrap our holiday gifts for years and each year we try a new ideas to make it pretty. I found some great ideas to share with you, for creating beautiful gifts with brown paper.

Add Neon Stickers or any kind of sticker would work
Hand draw your own ideas
Wrap you packages in colorful yarn
Lace covered
Double Stick Tape and confetti
Rubber Stamps and pretty ribbon
Nature Inspired
Have you ever used brown craft paper for wrapping your gifts?

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  1. No I've never used that paper for wrapping. Never occurred to me to use it! Great ideas!

  2. Great ideas! I've used it before and love using a vintage book page and some red ribbon with it. Very simple but it just seems to "pop"!

  3. Wonderful ways to wrap! I like that colorful yarn idea. This year I have really been into using the kraft paper. =0)

  4. Greetings from Singapore!

    I love brown paper wrapping paper too. Love the yarn ideas!

  5. These are fabulous! The lace looks gorgeous. I sometimes use paper bags and yarn to wrap small gifts. It looks cute and costs nothing since the supplies are staples in my house! I have some cute stamps too to add a little whimsy.

  6. Love the rainbow yarn wrapping! Goodness knows that I have enough yarn scraps to do something similar :).


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