Pinterest Doesn't Make Things

I love Pinterest!

I will be honest I have not figured out how it is a social network site, because I use it mostly for pinning sites and posts I want to keep track of, refer to in the future, and to share on Everyday Inspired.

Last week I read a must read post on Less Cake More Frosting about Pinterest:  Miss Manners Meets the Internet

I hope you take the time to read this blog post. There are so many important points in it about sharing the information you find on Pinterest, and how we treat other peoples work on the internet.

After you read the post, come back and share your thoughts.

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  1. That was a fair post and entertaining, too. It's too bad she had to turn comments off, I would've thanked her for writing it.

    It's simple enough to credit the maker or site, don't know why people are upset about having to do that, seems self explanatory and there goes another run on sentence, sorry about that, it's time for tea :) TFS!

  2. One of my hesitations for going back onto Pinterest is because the material isn't really "yours" but I'm trying my best to pin things that I can find the original for. Pinterest is definitely addicting.

  3. OK that was a good article, and I am guilty of doing the 'this was a Pinterest' idea thing too. IN fact I have a post scheduled called 'Two Pinterest Fails'. But in defense of this wording, there have been many times that I have clicked on the pin to take me to whatever site it came from and it's either in a foreign language, doesn't exist or is just a photo taken from the internet that was pinned with no website attached.

  4. This article makes very good points about ownership of content. This was a big topic in the blog world about a month ago as well when people weren't citing information correctly from Pinterest. If you're going to share a great find, at least give the original creator credit :)

  5. For some reason I can't get the link to go through (I'll keep trying) but I get the general idea from the previous comments.

    Giving credit where credit is due is very important and I always try to link back to the original creator/artist of any picture that I use on my blog.

  6. Love it!

    Good link posted too.



  7. I recently featured some recipes I tried that I had found through Pinterest. I made sure the link for each one went to the blog or website that it came from and not to Pinterest. I'm also trying to be more mindful of checking each pin for it's origin before I actually pin it.
    I agree with her there needs to be more internet etiquette from giving credit where credit is due to being more kind. It was a very thought provoking blog post.

  8. I agree.

    I do my very best, when sharing something from pinterest or elsewhere on the www, that I credit and link back to the originator.

    As far as manners, I agree also that the internet makes some feel as if they have the right to say anything.

    I simply try my best, which isn't perfect by far, to treat others the way i want to be treated. I try to offer a community on my blog, where i share the good stuff in my life (somtimes the challenging too) and where people can feel support, and hopefully take that with them when they leave and do the same.

    thanks valerie. so glad you linked that today. running across all sorts of thought provoking stuff today. the wonders of blogging.


  9. This is a great article! She does a wonderful job presenting information about this sensitive topic. I know that many of us have been guilty of giving credit to Pinterest itself for a great idea that we found instead of mentioning the blog, artist, etc. who originally created and posted it. It's always important to keep that original source in mind!

  10. Yes! I wish more people understood that about Pinterest! I'm guilty of re-pinning from my phone where I can't see the links (and if they are sourced correctly) but every couple of weeks I go through my pins and fix anything that's wrong. And if I can't find the original source, I delete. I don't want to have something out there that doesn't give proper credit.

    I'm tweeting that article! It was great. :-)


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