DIY Friday Working with Paint Chips

Next time you in the hardware store grab some of those paint chips, because they are the perfect medium for creating fun and colorful accessories. Plus they are free, easy to use, and if you have any leftover from a paint project a great way to recycle. Give one or more of these ideas a try to add a little color to your world.

Paint chip magnets 
Paint chip table
Paint chip on canvas
Paint chip art
Paint chip mobile
Paint chip notepad
What have you created with paint chips?
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  1. I have just now discovered the wonder of paint chips! I've made some rubber stamped book marks with them, and a couple of cards and one art piece with punched out circles. I have a whole stack of them to use. And you can use so much of them too, even the little pieces or strips that are left over. One chip goes a long way.

  2. Loving the magnets! Too cute and so colorful.

  3. Lots of ideas. The wall art pieces are really cool! Can't beat the cost of the paint chips either!

  4. Paint chips have so many different options!
    Plus half of them you can get for free from any home improvement store

  5. oh that mobile is super simple and too cute! great idea.

  6. Thanks for so many cute ideas!!


  7. You are tickling my color fancy today! :D

    Paint chips, I need to go look at paint chips!

  8. I'm loving that mobile! You can't beat free.

  9. I LOVE the paint chip mobile! The pink one shown is great for a baby nursery. =0)

  10. It is amazing how many great paint chip crafts there are out there! Great round up.

  11. Wonderful projects - all made from the humble paint chip cards. Now I know what to do the next time I'm deciding on a color and come home with a handful of paint chip cards. Before, when I finally settled upon the perfect color, I would just toss all the cards into the paper recycling bin - what a waste that was. :)

  12. These are all so neat. I used to collect paint chips when I was younger. I bet I still have a ton of them around somewhere.

    <3 Melissa


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