3 Simple Ways to Stop Procrasting

Procrastination small screen print spiral sketchbook
I will admit it, I am a procrastinator.

Procrastination is part of our lives, we do some form of procrastination everyday. When you have a big project or lot of things to accomplish, procrastination does not help you reach your goal.

I found three easy ways to help avoid procrastination:

Turn Everything Off - Shut down your email, Facebook, Twitter, even your phone. Set a time limit to get your project done and get to work. This is my favorite, and I need to do it more often.

Set 3 Goals for the day - Choose three things you need to get done, two small goals and one big one. Start working and cross them off as you go. When your done take a break, you deserve it. For me, it helps to have the small things to cross off for a sense of accomplishment for the day.

Stop what your doing - Walking away and doing something like walking the dog, cleaning your house, or just reading a book will help to clear your mind to start again. This one really works. When I walk away from the computer and take a break, when I come back I am ready to go.

Want more tips on how to avoid procrastination? Check out 5 Tips to avoid Procrastination and  What type of procrastinator are you?

What do you do to avoid procrastination?

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  1. I am a big time procrastinator. My computer and I have become one, so when I actually turn it off, I can get something done. It's the turning it off part that is so hard, lol!!

  2. Hilarious post considering I'm procrastinating as I'm studying for my exam tomorrow. I do find giving myself a time limit to complete a project is a good way to get it done. Also stepping away to talk a walk or look outside the window is very helpful especially when I'm doing homework. Sometimes my brain has to take a moment to process what I was just learning.

  3. oh procrastination creeps in every day. over and over.
    In fact, I started a blog about procrastination.....not yet finished it...started it last year....wow. Talk about putting it off!
    thanks for these tips.

  4. I love your suggestions and I intend to implement a few of them. Like Annette my biggest problem is the computer, it can be a big drain of time but it's become something I can not shut down for very long. Maybe I need a 12 step program for computer addiction?

  5. I set goals every day and it helps me get so much done. Taking regular breaks is really important for me with computer work, too. Taking 15 to 30 minutes to do something off the computer really refreshes me.

  6. I try not to procrastinate but sometimes I just don't feel like dealing with things. like cleaning, or finally calling my doctor to make my first appt w/ them. So not fun.

  7. Making to do lists really helps me stay on task. On days where I'm not organized...then I procrastinate...ugh!

  8. When I write down what I want to get done the next day it happens! I don't procrastinate on my busines, I do however with household things. The outside of my windows on the house are embarassingly filthy. Maybe I should make that a priority this weekend!


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