Stay Productive

It has been challenging lately to be productive. After working hard all summer, I have not been in the mood to put a lot of effort into the things I need to be working on.

I have spent the past the last couple of weeks finding ideas to be more productive, and I ran across a few ideas that are worth sharing.

Write everything down. Do a brain dump of everything you want and need to do for your business. I do this often, I tend to get more done when I see it written down.

Prioritize your list. Important if you have a long list projects. Start by creating a new list. List everything in the order you want to get things done. If you are feeling really ambitious give the top 5 items on your list a date of completion.

Alternate tasks. When planning your day start with a challenging task and when it's complete or at a good stopping point, then start working on a task you would prefer working on, perhaps your creative work. I try to plan my day with business tasks and then a creative task, and I alternate like that throughout the day. Click here for a To-do-list

Don't forget to take a break. When we are online everyday, we are absorbing a lot of information. Our minds and our bodies need breaks. Get up move around, drink water, and enjoy a few minutes away from the computer. I really need to do this one more often.

Stay inspired. Keep quotes, books, and other inspirational items around you to help you stay motivated. I have several inspirational items throughout my studio, and I try to take a moment everyday to stay inspired.

On those days you really don't want to do anything to challenging, and you want to keep your work simple and easy going, those are the perfect days to do busy work. You know that work you know needs to get done, but you don't make time for.

Such as:
Organizing files online and off
Uploading images
Updating your calendar
Hang out on social media sites

Sometimes you just need to take a day off. Then take a day to regroup, read a book, hang out with friends or family, take a nap, or enjoy a day doing nothing!

Share your favorite productivity tip.

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  1. We all need to "regroup".

    I start my mornings with my blog post and then start the retweets for the morning. Some mornings the list is daunting! I have stopped doing them all in the morning. It makes me have a better day.

    I use short lists. I found that if I use a small paper for my actual list, I will get it done. Then I look over my long list on a tablet and decide what will go on the next small scrap paper list. Makes you feel like you have accomplished so much more!

    Have a wonderful day!


  2. These are great tips and I had no idea that I'm already doing them till reading your list! :)

  3. What great tips! I have been on the productive slump the past few weeks! Thanks you for this!

  4. Thanks for sharing those tips! When I'm working on difficult problems I always step away and do something else mind relaxing like watch an episode of The Office or another tv show. Yesterday, I had so many issues solving a particular hw problem and I stepped away for a few hours and came back and I was able to complete it with no problems. It was awesome.

  5. Great tips! I find lists very useful and feel a sense of getting things done as I cross things out!!

  6. I write things down and make lists. And it's always important to take some time off, because you never want to get burnt out.
    Great post today!!! =0)

  7. I'm a big list maker...I'd be lost without them! This week I'm alternating between custom orders and show prep...first show on Saturday! It helps me see what needs done and I love seeing a list with items crossed off :)

  8. Taking a day off to focus on something else has helped me. I make lists too, but get frustrated if I don't see things getting crossed off soon enough!

  9. I do alternate tasks; when it gets to a point where I think I need to step away, it's good to recognize the benefit of standing back.

    Busy work, this is one I put off, but do tackle before it gets overwhelming.

  10. So nice to know other artists' face challenges, too. <> This list is a good reminder to keep it real when I'm not particularly feeling it. Thank you for posting!

  11. Love the tips. The most important one is alternating tasks. I get bored easily so I need to keep changing things up so there is no monotony!


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