Rejection, Failure, and Criticism

During our creative journey we will encounter rejection, failure, and even criticism, and as much as we hate it they are an important part of the creative process.

From each of these encounters there is something we can learn, ideas we can embrace, and ways to grow as an artist.

I remember being rejected for the first time after applying to a juried show. I remember being really mad, but it made me realize that I need to work on photographs which is an important part of the jury process. It took a couple of years but my photos got better and I finally got into that show.

Recently I had a show that did not go well. I made very little money, sweated my butt off in 90 degree temps all day, and even thou there were a lot of people not many stopped to check out my stuff.

I realized that day that my display was lacking in that spark that made people want to stop and look. I have since designed an entire new display with color, and now my display is light and bright. I can't wait to set it up in a couple of weeks at my next show.

When you get a rejections or have a failed project, be upset for a few minutes and then figure out what you can do to make it work. In the end it will make you a better artist!

                         Source: 29.media.tumblr.com via Valerie on Pinterest

How do you get past the negatives on your creative journey?

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  1. Rejection or criticism is hard especially from people that are not creative. I mean.. how can they understand your point of view? But, when you think about it they are your customers so it's important to suck it up and listen to their feedback.

  2. How do I get past them? I don't. I end up beating myself up over it and then I'm scared to try again. I feel humiliated and embarrassed and what must my friends and my fiance' think of me & what a horrible failure I am...

  3. You are 100% right! Rejection and failure are our biggest friends because we learn much more from them than from our success! As long as we keep our ego low we can take advantage of every mistake.

  4. Failing is not really an option as far as I'm concerned, but it's just because of what you said... we always learn from things that don't work, so it's not really failing at all, it's learning and growing.

    It's good to remind ourselves to try and look at things on the bright side once we've got past that initial let down too.

  5. When I have a harder than usual time getting over the negatives, I turn to my biggest supporters for encouragement. Having people around me who are honest is helpful.

  6. Once again, this is such a great post! It's important to know that rejection and failure are a part of life, and without them, we would not learn nearly as much. They make us stronger and better. =0)

  7. Wonderful post with thoughtful advice. We do tend to take things too personally. Though it may be difficult to do, sometimes it is good to step back and try to figure out what we're doing wrong and how we can improve it . . . and improve ourselves in the process.