New Look

My summer was busy working on several large orders and making jewelry. I am now in holiday mode, planning and preparing for a successful holiday season.

I decided that it was time to revamp the Additions and Everyday Inspired brand, so I redesigned my logo and now I am working on redesigning my marketing materials. 

I have been really inspired lately and my jewelry is also getting revamped. I will soon have a new collection of unique and one of a kind pieces. Having a new collection means I will be able to add some new tags to the items in my Etsy shop and generate some new views.

I have been rethinking my goals for this holiday season as well, and I am planning on adding a few new challenges to my marketing plan, hopefully see a boost in my business this season. I will share some of my ideas in the coming months.

I am excited about the new look and my new collection. I will share some of my new designs over the next few weeks on Facebook, TwitterPinterest, and Google+. Stop by and check them out. 

This process of re-branding has inspired me. I am looking forward to my best holiday season yet. 

How are you preparing for the holiday season?

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  1. I haven't prepared my shop for the holiday season just yet but I am preparing for some gifts for friends and family!

  2. My shop is closed up tight at the moment - just no time for restocking as my day job has changed hours etc...

    I have started a little Holiday shopping though - I always aim to be done or near to done by Thanksgiving!

  3. Looking forward to seeing more of the re-branding! As for me, I'm considering a new look as well, but working into it slowly for the new year. The Holiday season will bring a few new patterns. Since I'm working from home now, I have a bigger time challenge, but I see great things in the near future!

  4. Nice! I look forward to your Re-branding look!
    As for me I am gearing up. Lots of Indian festivals coming up and of course the HOliday season!

  5. I'm getting things together for show season. We'll see how many I get up the guts to sign up for!

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing the changes and the new jewelry! I hope you have a very successful holiday season!

  7. That's exciting news! I'm looking forward to seeing your new creations. I'm pretty much focussed on my Dawanda shop now, but I will be adding a few items to my Etsy shop soon.
    Good luck with everything!


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