DIY Friday - Cool Coasters

I recently got a new table for our family room and realized I need some coasters to keep the table in good shape for years to come. I decided to make some tile coasters for our table, and when I was looking for instruction I found lots of other cool ides for making coasters.

customize cork coasters

decorate wood pieces
decorate a tile
create rope coasters
make your own felt coasters
recycle old lids
chalkboard coasters

What are your favorite coasters made from?

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  1. Those wooden ones are stunning!

  2. They are beautiful. I have been reluctant to try tile coasters b/c they seem slippery. My fave are the ones made of stone that absorbs the glass sweat.

  3. Very cool! Like the recycled lids - seems like those would catch the drips well from melting ice in the glass.

    ps - I've got a big giveaway going on, make sure you pop over and enter!

  4. I really like the idea of the lids! We mostly use fabric coasters but also have the stone ones.

  5. Great round up! I love coasters. The chalkboard is a wonderful idea. I haven't seen that before. Off to check it out.

  6. I bought a set of crochet coasters on Etsy and I really love those.
    I'd love to give tile painting a try one of these days :)

  7. My favorites are some that are gifts/souvenirs.

    Valerie, you are included in the new blog awards ♥ I gave today.


    Thanks for all of your great blogging!

  8. Cool ideas. The recycled lids are giving me ideas. I am always tossing those in the recycling bin!


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