Artist to Know - Lorenzo Duran

Lorenzo Duran

Lorenzo Duran a Spanish artist, and has been creating since he was a child. He started his career as a painter until one day he saw a caterpillar eating a leaf and thought to himself cut paper.

Instead of paper he uses leaves as his canvas. His process begins on paper coming up with his design, then he carefully washes each leaf, drys it, and cuts in his designs with a very sharp scalpel.

He believes that every natural object or living being is art in it's purest essence. The colors of a butterfly, mineral crystal, the majestic tree, etc., are a form of art that delights the senses and a good way for him to experience nature's creativity.

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  1. His work is beyond amazing! I can't imagine the skill it takes to cut such intricate pieces!

  2. Absolutely incredible!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow! This work is so beautiful and intricate. Leaves tear so easily so I am really impressed with his handiwork!!!

  4. Incredibly amazing! Now when I think of all the leaves that will be in my yard this fall, I'll be thinking of how this incredible artist uses leaves as his canvas. Amazing!!!

  5. This is so beautiful i never seen such a wonderful work this is truly
    magic,i admire so much your work.

    Best wishes Raven

  6. His work is truly amazing! Such intricate details...WOW!!

  7. wow. i know i'm repeating what others said. but amazing.

  8. It's incredible and something I'd expect to see in a "Ripley's Believe It or Not" museum. I cannot begin to imagine how he can cut something so small and yet so intricate.

  9. Those are incredible!!!!! WOW!

  10. These are incredible! Thank you for sharing his work.


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