Let Nature be Your Guide

Nature is so inspiring. The beauty of flowers, mountains, water, trees, and plants, can calm the mind and inspire new ideas.

When you are walking through nature you want to take in all the details. You look at things close-up, pick things up, use all your senses to absorb in your surroundings and see new things.

Nature is full of colors, textures, shapes, and an endless source of inspiration. 

Why not look at everything like you look at nature and expand your inspiration well.

Your favorite restaurant, the store, old cars, or even the side of a building can offer the same source of inspiration as you find in nature. You just have to treat everywhere you go as if you were walking through the park.

Just like when you happen upon a beautiful flower that your want to smell, touch, and see all the details, you can do the same at your favorite restaurant. Check out the flooring, fixtures, fabrics, even the way they present your meal. All of these thing can be a great source of inspiration.

Taking your time on your daily travels can inspire new ideas, as you take in all the details around you.

Inspiration is everywhere, let nature be your guide to new ideas.

What is your favorite source of inspiration?
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  1. I've always been inspired by the places where I've lived. The colourful Victorian homes of San Francisco, the dramatic mountains, trees & rivers of Washington State, and now the beaches of coastal New England.

  2. So true!! Where I live, it's of course 80's suburbia and can be at times rather uninspiring in architecture, but there are other things that you can always pick out!!

  3. I just wrote about my trip to NYC and how I notice buildings and other things since I don't live there anymore. Sometimes hard to take a minute and smell the flowers when you are living the day to day life.

  4. I love this post Valerie! Inspiration can really be anywhere and in anything!

  5. Great advice! Even in our daily routine you can find inspiration just by changing the perspective.

  6. So true ! Wonderful post.

    Inspiration is all around us, we just have to be open enough to see it.


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