The Sound of Inspiration

I was sitting on my deck the other day, taking a moment to myself, and I closed my eye and listened to the sounds of my neighborhood. During those few minutes I had a creative moment.

Do you ever use the sounds around you as inspiration?

I realized while sitting there listening to the wind blow through the trees,  the birds singing, and a near by sprinkler, that if you relax your mind and enjoy the sounds around you it gets the ideas to flowing.

I think sounds regardless of where you live can be inspiring. I remember when I lived in New York City the sounds of the traffic and the people were great for sparking new ideas.

Listening to music, sitting in a park and listening to kids play, even just the sound of a fan has it benefits for sparking your creativity.

What sounds do you enjoy for creating creative moments?

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  1. It might be weird, but I don't inspired by sounds very often unless it's music. But then again, we live in a condo building with really rude neighbors, so I tend to hear their blaring TV instead of anything cool.

  2. I'm with you. Although these days I much prefer the sounds of nature than that of traffic :)
    Strangely, not so with music. I can't seem to do anything else while I'm listening to my favourite songs!

  3. Isn't it lovely to sit in the yard and just enjoy all the lovely nature sounds. I love my birds best - especially the cooing of the doves. :-)

  4. To be honest I prefer quiet when I create. Sometimes the TV is on in the background though. Because I don't like being outside in the summer, and b/c I have just too much stuff to cart out there, I don't do anything outside.

  5. It's so nice to unplug sometimes, to listen to the world around you and go on a walk. I love love love hearing the ocean and wind rustling through tall grass. I could hear that all day.

  6. Music sometimes energizes, but it's those nature sounds that relax and clear out the stuff that's blocking new ideas. Even just remembering some sounds, like the ocean or the very early morning birds, and the train rides- those set off sparks!

  7. I almost always leave the car radio turned off - i like to hear what noises come through the windows as I drive by. That in itself sounds a little strange doesn't it? xx


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