Interview with Erin Giles

I have been following Erin for about a year and I have always found inspiration in her advice. When she recently re-branded her business to incorporate philanthropy into her business model, I was intrigued. When I watched her video (see below), I knew I wanted to help spread her message. Now she is showing other female entrepreneurs how to do the same with her Rocket Your Revolution e-course (new course starts in August). I was thrilled when she said yes to do an interview on Everyday Inspired, I hope you enjoy getting to know Erin as much as I did. 
Thank you Erin for sharing today!

You have gone from managing other peoples business, to coaching female entrepreneurs, to re-branding your whole business to help other female business owners launch their own revolution. How and why did you decide to make this transition?
I wouldn't say it was a transition, more like a journey. I found myself like many others in my twenties, figuring out what I did and didn't enjoy which ultimately led to my mega passion. When you find it, just like your spouse, you know + I am so relieved and thankful to have found it and do it everyday.

Your process of re-branding happened rather quickly, what were some of the challenges you faced during this process?
The only challenge I can think of was time...I didn't have enough. I had a lot of work to do in a short amount of time because of the date I had set to launch my program. But unlike my previous two websites, this one came with ease. I experienced total confirmation during my re-branding because the copy and the graphics happened without much resistance or doubt.

With so many big changes in your business how do you stay motivated to meet your goals?
Ambition keeps you motivated, and that my friend is one thing I have plenty of. I know my ultimate business dream, and each month I work towards that. I also set monthly goals and keep them in front of me every day on my bulletin board. If you are going to achieve your goals making sure the work you do every day moves you towards that is key, or else you will get sidetracked.

How does coaching female entrepreneurs inspire your own business?
The women I coach in Rocket Your Revolution are incredibly inspiring. I am inspired by what changes they want to see in the world and how their passion for that cause is fueling their revolution. They are all so talented + innovative, it blows my mind. I have actually been caught crying happy tears while reading their homework in our secret facebook group. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't have several pinch me moments:)

As founder of End Sex Trafficking Day (9.26.12), can you tell us a little about this amazing project.
End Sex Trafficking Day is a virtual event fueled by my passion to fight it. With 30 million people, the majority of them being women and girls, enslaved in this modern day form of slavery, I knew one donation wouldn't cut it. So I created a day where a book would be for sale that was a collaborative effort by 60 brilliant writers with all proceeds going to the Not For Sale Campaign. Share the site, mark it in your calendars, and get on the list this is one cause that we shouldn't ignore.

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Have you incorporated philanthropy into your business?
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  1. Wow I'm very intrigued by Erin's message and I'm going to head off to watch that video. Thanks for posting this, she sounds like a great example for up and comers like me!

  2. Her enthusiasm really comes through in her words :) I can tell she loves what she does...that's awesome!


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