DIY Friday - Doily's

Who knew doily's could be so cool. I found so many cool projects you can do with a doily, it was hard to pick these six OK seven.

Table runner
Click here for lots of doily ideas
Make a doily necklace
Add a doily to glass
Paint with a doily

Doily Decor - This link has lot's of fun ideas
What have you created with a doily?
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  1. I love all the wedding ideas...like the cute banner!
    And the painted pumpkin look so pretty :)

  2. Love these ideas! How very creative.

    The cookies would be gorgeous!

  3. I love doilies. My grandmother crocheted them by the dozens, never using a pattern but making it up as she went along. When she passed away I got to go through them and pick some out. Now I use doilies (not hers) in my sachet and pillow projects.

  4. So many pretty uses! I've used them for embroidery, painting, texturizing, they're versatile.

  5. I've never used any doilies actually but your pics give me ideas!

  6. Wow! I love the pumpkin and the cookie ideas!


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