Be Inspired on Vacation

When on vacation we try to see as much as possible and end up rushing around so you don't miss anything.

Instead of rushing around, tap into your inner artist. Take things a little slower when you visit a new location. Reflect on your experience, and use your travel journal to remember and be inspired.

1. Enjoy the fashion as art - People watch and see all the fashions. Check out where people are shopping for the most fashionable shop.

2. Try the local food - Try something you have never tried before, let the food inspire you.

3. Check out the music scene - Be inspired by what's played in the cafes, on the streets, and even the clubs.

4. Ride the local transportation - This is a great way to experience the city, and feel its true cultural rhythms.

5. Seek out street art - Some of the best art can be found on the street. Visit small galleries, cute boutiques, and local parks for cool sculptures.

6. Go places artists go - Visit bookstores, art supply shops, open studio's. Pick up local papers and find artists events.

7. Spend time people watching - Take an afternoon visit a coffee shop with your journal/sketchbook and let the people, and conversations inspire you.

Traveling like an artists has less to do with what you do and more about how you do it. Be curious, pay attention to the details, be observant, and reflect. Record your ideas to use later as inspiration.

Take time for art to enhance your vacation experience.

What is your favorite way experience art on your vacation?

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  1. Love this! When travelling to Europe I do not like to have a plan, but rather walk through parks, people watch, sit at outdoor cafes, experience public transport, etc. It is so much more fun and inspiring than visiting tourist attractions!

  2. What I love most when visiting new cities is sampling the local food and people watching. I also like wandering the streets on foot and discovering places not usually reviewed in guide books :)

  3. Love travelling and food is one of my favorite ways to experience the culture. People watching is always fun too!

  4. I like to do most of your listed items plus shopping in markets, and finding off the beaten track restaurants.

  5. I love to buy stuff made by local or regional artists, in addition to cookie cutter/made in China souvenirs. I'm not very adventurous with food and I never notice what people are wearing fashion-wise.

  6. We do many of these things but I never considered it from an artists point of view. Hmmm, now I want plan a trip!

  7. Good to read this now! I am planning our trip to Italy this summer and just reading our timetable makes me tired, lol!

  8. I love to people-watch! It's one of my favorite things to do when I'm away :)

  9. I agree, take it slower and enjoy the experience. On a recent trip to Europe I found myself running from attraction to attraction; I saw a lot, but really didn't 'see' the details of the cities. I agree with #7, the best way to get to know a new culture is on their bus!
    Lori D.


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