Five Questions

I have had an enormous amount of work lately. Working around the clock on wholesale orders, Etsy sales, and future shows. It has been very challenging to keep up all my regular activities, (that includes commenting on all my favorite blogs) but I hope to be back on track soon.

Through this process I realized that I can't do everything, and that I needed to scale back on a few of my online activities and re-evaluate my the overall plan and vision for my business.

To figure things out I asked myself these five questions:

What is your vision?

What do you enjoy working on?

Are you exploring too many new directions? (list all your ideas)

What habits are you clinging to? (make a list)

Do you take more pleasure in having the idea or making that idea a reality?

Going through each question made me think about what I really wanted to achieve in my business and what was not really working. I knew I had to let a few things go, but until I saw everything written down on paper it was hard to decide what was not actually helping me and my business.

Click here to print a copy

Print out the form with the five questions. Take some time to evaluate your business, to see what is working and what needs to be changed. When your done with your form, create a new plan getting rid of actives that are time consuming and not working.

You could use this form once a quarter, to help you stay on track. As well as at the end of the year for creating your new year plan.

We are already busy, why not make sure the work you are doing is going to help you achieve the success you desire.

Do you need to let go of a few actives that are not helping your business?

Inspired Success Week is back May 21 - 25

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  1. Great quarterly idea. I am always thinking of new ways to be efficient so I am only juggling what works.

  2. great idea! sometimes we all get caught up in doing things because that's what we've always been doing

  3. This is the second time this week I've seen that last question. The first time really gave me pause and this just maybe confirms what I've been thinking. Sort of! Ha! Guess it needs some more thought!

  4. Well, at least those are all great problems to have! But you're right, sometimes scaling back, whether you want to or not, is the best thing for both you and your business in the long run.

  5. Awesome idea! I agree with Nancy that these are great problems to have. I am consistently trying to take on lots of projects at once and sometimes need to step back and prioritize.

  6. Ouch! Questions 3 and 5 really hit home for me. I tend to fall in love with my ideas and to-dos but I'm only one person - enough already. I've realized I come from a long line of people with serial passions - I remember the same trait in my grandfather and father.


  7. This is a great way to revise and refine. Sometimes making it a regular review and seeing it on paper is the way to make it work out well, or at least to get on the right path. Thanks for sharing this.


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