Busy = Happiness

It's a known fact that people are happier when they are busy. Being idle or waiting for something makes people frustrated, impatient, and generally unhappy.

We all know what it's like to wait around for something to load on our computer, and how it feels to just have to sit there and wait. If we have something to do while we are waiting the time seems to go by faster making us in a better mood. I don't even mind waiting on the phone for a customer service person, as long as I can be online or play a game on my phone. My mood would be different if I had to wait 15 minutes with nothing to do.

Over the last 15 years of doing shows I have had many different show setup situations. Some shows give you a couple of hours to set up. I usually get all my stuff set up and have 15 to 30 minutes before the show starts to sit around and wait for people to show up.

Last year I did a show where we had one hour to set up, and had to rush through everything to get it all done. As soon as I finished I had people already checking thing out in my booth.

The show where I had to sit around and wait made me tense with anticipation.  I was ready and I wanted people to start showing up.

Shows with a tight schedule, seem to be better shows for me. I am ready and looking forward to engaging with the customers. With this type of show I tend to be happier and in a selling mood.

Do you agree, does being busy make you happier?
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  1. I definately agree! Whenever I have a little time to kill I pick up some beading or do some office organizing. If I sit still I start to feel a little depressed or bored. My brain needs to be stimulated to keep sane! Waiting is frustrating. Best of luck with your upcoming shows! Hopefully they will be super busy!

  2. Oh, absolutely! Like here at work, it is a slow day and if I couldn't go online I'd go mad. What DID we do before the internet?

  3. I definitely agree that being busy makes you happier. If I'm in a funk, one of the best ways for me to beat it is to be productive.

  4. Oh yes, being busy is always a great motivator though I need some relaxing time too :))


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