Be Inspired - My Trip to Colorado

My husband and I had a great time on our trip to Colorado, we had a little adventure everyday. We had the opportunity to visit Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder all fantastic cities.

Colorado is an amazingly beautiful state!

The mountains are so beautiful. I don't think the people who live there realize just how beautiful their cities are.

A couple of thing that really struct me about Colorado was all the open land, their seemed to be breathing room even in their downtown area.  The building were not on top of each other and their was lots of space to walk around. Another thing, was how many businesses had solar panels. They have solar panels every where, including gas stations, stores, government offices, and an amazing solar panel field that powered the airport. It was a site to see.

I took a few photos and here are a few of my favorites.

Denver, CO - I took this photo while we were driving

Colorado Springs, CO - Garden of the Gods

Boulder CO - Amazing architecture

Manitou, CO - This was a cute little town, as you can see in the background. I loved this sculpture, all recycled metal.

Have you ever been to Colorado?

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  1. Your photos are beautiful Valerie! The red rock formations in particular!!! This is on my long list of places to visit. It looks incredibly different from the White Mountains that I frequent. That sculpture is a stunner!

  2. Amazing blue sky and interesting rock formations!
    The sculpture made from recycled metal is awesome!

  3. Lucky you! I've never been to Colorado, but hope to get there someday, especially after seeing your beautiful photos!

  4. I so envy your trip! We've been to CO and we love it. It's one of the states we would consider if we had to be back out West. So glad you had a beautiful time exploring.

  5. gorgeous! never been there, but would love to someday.

  6. Those are some fantastic photos. I've never been to Colorado but I can see that it is so very gorgeous!

  7. Colorado is one of the states we've always wanted to visit but never made it there. My son is planning to move to Denver in the fall, so I think we will be visiting there before the end of the year!
    Your pictures are beautiful and I'm glad you had a good time!

  8. You had a gorgeous day at Garden of the Gods! Is the Camera Obscura still there? Only went to CO once, on the way west moving to California. We drove to the summit of Pike Peak where it was 37 and sleeting, in July. It was 95 down below in CO Springs. Drove out to Cripple Creek. Stayed in Denver but didn't do anything there. Pretty neat place!

  9. How fun! I love that little stone wall with all the varying pieces. Sounds like a wonderful trip!

  10. Those rock formations are incredible! Hope you had a good trip.

  11. I'm so glad you and your husband enjoyed your trip! It looks gorgeous in Colorado; I may have to add the Garden of the Gods to my list of places to go someday. :) Great photos, too!

    Also, it's fantastic that there are so many solar panels out there! Let's hope they continue to spread. :)

    I hope your husband had a wonderful birthday!

  12. PS I hope you don't mind, I pinned one of your Garden of the Gods photo to my "Oh, The Places I'll Go!" board on Pinterest. :) You got some gorgeous shots!


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