1000 Blog Posts and a One Day Giveaway

This is my 1000 post on Everyday Inspired.

I can't believe I have been writing blog posts almost everyday for the last 3+ years. There have been many times when I was not sure what to post, but I always figured it out and kept on writing.

As a THANK  YOU to all my regular followers who stop by often and share their thoughts and ideas, I am celebrating with a giveaway.

Today Only
You have a chance to win a
$35 Gift Certificate 
for jewelry at 


Choose one or all four options from the list below, and leave me a separate comment for each options you choose.

Be a follower of this blog - if you are not a follower click the Join this site button on the right

Join my Facebook business page - already a fan, let me know

Favorite my Etsy shop and let me know which piece is your favorite

Follow me on Twitter  - @additionsstyle

Don't forget each options on the list is a entry. Leave a separate comment for each item you choose. Also leave a link (etys shop, twitter, Facebook, email) where I can contact you.

One winner will be chosen randomly at Midnight tonight by random.org, the winner will be posted at 6 am Sunday (5/6).

Thank you for being a follower of Everyday Inspired!

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  1. Great giveaway Valerie! I can't get the buttons to work but I already follow you in all those places anyway :)

  2. Sweet!!! What do we have to do to enter?

    Congratulations on Post 1000!!!! I'm finally closing in on it, although I've been blogging since 2006. Just not regularly till last year.

  3. Congratulations Valerie!!! 1000 posts is absolutely amazing and represents thousands of inspired ideas that you have shared with us. Thanks so much!!

  4. congratulations Valerie!
    I've been a blog follower for awhile

  5. I also have your etsy shop favorited (as a secret admirer) and love the Wire Wrapped Beaded Pendant Necklace Hardware Washer - I like the colour contrast with the hardware

  6. Wow 1000 posts! You're on fire! Congratulations. . . here's to 1000 more. . . since I already follow you everywhere I'll just leave this one comment and say you're awesome!

  7. Hey Valerie, Congrats on reaching 1000 posts. Every single one of them inspiring, too. Of course I am a follower of your excellent blog. Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. Hey Valerie, Forgot to say that I also follow you on Twitter. That's how I found out about the giveaway.

  9. I'm following you on Facebook.

  10. Hey, Val. Hope this is where to leave the comments for the giveaway! I signed up to follow your blog today and am very excited to hear all of your creative thoughts!

  11. I am also a fan of your Facebook business page and have been for some time. That is how I found out about the contest!

  12. AND, I favorited your Etsy shop and I absolutely LOVE the green necklace pendant hardware washers!!! It is so beautiful and also my favorite color!!

  13. Congrats! Keep on posting!

    I'm a gfc follower.

  14. Congratulations!! That's a huge accomplishment. :-)

  15. Oh no, I missed it! Darn it all, that's the problem with reading blogs once a week... :(

    Congratulations on reaching 1000 posts, though - that's a HUGE accomplishment! You must be so excited. 3+ years is really impressive, too. Virtual high five coming your way! <3

  16. Wow, 1000 posts Valerie, that is very impressive indeed! I'm sorry to have missed the giveaway, I'll be sure to be around when you reach 2000 posts... ;)


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